Dining Out Doesn’t Have to Mean Breaking Your New Year’s Goal

January 30, 2023

Have you been thinking about your new goals for this year?

Some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions that resurface every January typically have to do with making healthier choices. Becoming the best version of yourself can often feel like a very daunting task. But before you get too overwhelmed and resign to telling yourself “Maybe next year will be my year,” keep reading!

Maybe you have given your resolutions a lot of thought or maybe you have some resolutions that didn’t quite stick last year that you’re hoping to take another shot at. One very popular resolution we often hear is eating healthier by cooking more meals at home. Eating dinner at home has many benefits. You know what and how much of each ingredient is going into the food you’re consuming because you are the one cooking it. However, cooking meals and eating them at home is not always convenient. Sometimes it really is just easier to dine out or order in. Going out to dinner or picking up takeout doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to break those goals you have set for yourself in 2023.

If you find yourself ordering from a restaurant…

The next time you have a menu in your hands consider the following when choosing your meal. Look for buzz words that indicate healthy preparation methods and items with more nutritious benefits such as “steamed,” “grilled,” “baked,” and “poached.” Additionally, ordering sauces and dressings on the side offers more control over how much of them you are consuming. When looking for entrees, selecting dishes that include steamed or grilled vegetables as a side can be another great way to get more nutrients while out to eat.

If you find yourself at a buffet…

Using the following cheat sheet from the CDC could help you cut down on unhealthy habits.

Some of their helpful tips include focusing on portion sizes, lean proteins, and vegetables that are not heavily cooked in butter or cream sauces. Additionally, they say to fill half your plate with vegetables, 1/4 with a lean protein, another 1/4 with a grain or starch such as brown rice or whole wheat bread, and the final 1/4 with fruit. This guide for filling your plate can make sticking to your New Year’s goals that much easier.

Practice Makes Perfect

Maintaining new habits can be very challenging for many of us. If you find yourself slipping into your unhealthy habits while out to dinner, that does not mean you need to throw away the entire New Year’s resolution and wait until next year to try again. Large changes can make keeping your New Year’s goals feel somewhat unattainable. Practicing small changes to your out-of-home dining routine can make all the difference in the long term.

For more helpful tips on maintaining a healthy diet this year, check out the rest of our blog.

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