About The Healthy Aging Study

The Emory Healthy Aging Study is a game-changing effort to further our scientific understanding of how we age, and to learn more about the average human lifespan, diseases, and neurological disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that occur more commonly in later years. It is the largest gerontology-based educational research study targeting Atlanta ever conducted at Emory University. The Healthy Aging Study hopes to build a massive public health database by recruiting a large number of participants to take part in the study over a long period of time. We will keep involvement as simple and easy as possible. The data we collect may help you and your physician learn more about your overall health.

Emory is an academic medical center. That means that the Emory neurology professionals and physicians that care for you are also researchers and educators. Many important medical discoveries have been made right here, thanks to their work and to educational research study participants like you.

Help us Fight Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other age-related disorders

If you participate in this study, you’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire about your and your family’s medical history. You may also be asked to periodically complete other surveys, take cognitive tests similar to memory games, and with your permission allow for any activity tracker you may have (such as a Fit Bit or Jawbone) to share the data that it collects with us. You will have control over how much information you share via your activity tracker. If you’re an Emory neurology or medical patient, we’d also like to gather some information from your electronic medical records.

We’ll then follow up with you over time and ask you to re-take or update those same measures. We may also use this information to identify you as a potential study participant for other scientific studies. Over time, we’ll collect a lot of information about many people’s health, which our diverse team of public health researchers will use to study the average human lifespan and many age-related diseases. Examples include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and more. Along the way, we’ll make it easy for you to see your own information and to share it with your primary care physician.

Participation in this study is an easy way to help others while learning more about your own health. Time commitment is minimal and registration is voluntary.

Join the Study

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