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What is the Healthy Brain Study?
What is the Healthy Brain Study?
The Emory Healthy Brain Study is a part of a larger public health initiative; the Emory Healthy Aging Study. Learn more
How the study works.
How the study works.
Selected participants will visit the Emory Brain Health Center once every two years to complete a series of tests, and to allow Emory neurology researchers to collect biological samples. Learn more
Why the study matters.
Why the study matters.
This research aims to change our understanding of aging, the impact of healthy food, life expectancy in the US, and age-related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for generations to come. Learn more
A video about our study.
A video about our study.
Why join this study? Watch and find out in less than 2 minutes. Watch our video
Welcome to the Emory Healthy Aging Study, your opportunity to partner with leading physicians at Emory University and help make discoveries that will change our understanding of aging, life expectancy, and age-related diseases for generations to come.
It’s easy. It’s historic. It’s one for the ages.

Your time commitment is minimal, but the potential impact is immeasurable!

Life expectancy is expected to substantially grow in the future
1 in 5 people will be aged 60 plus in 2050
Life expectancy in the US increased by 10.5 years from 1950 to 2015
It takes 22 minutes to join the Healthy Aging Study and contribute to a large public health initiative

Free Online Resources: Maximize your body and mind’s potential with these articles on healthy living and healthy food!

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