In The News: How To Avoid Catching The Flu

February 1, 2018

Emory Healthcare internist, Dr. Sharon Bergquist, interviews with Fox 5 of Atlanta on ways to avoid getting the flu. With the 2018 flu season in full swing and the death toll rising, a few precautionary measures can go a long way.

“So if you have come into contact with doorknobs, telephones in an office space, wash your hands,” Dr. Bergquist says. “Don’t count on the fact that the person is not there anymore, that they can’t spread it. They can still spread it indirectly.”

Many of us don’t realize how much we touch our faces, which is how the flu virus can get into our body. So, steal a page from your doctor’s playbook.

Simple things like keeping your distance from those who are sick, regularly washing your hands (video below), and not touching your face will help you avoid contracting the virus.

You can read the full article about how to avoid getting the flu here.

If you’re unsure about whether you are washing your hands correctly, use this video from the CDC to ensure you’re following best practices when it comes to clean hands.

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