Back to College Tips for Mature Adults

August 23, 2017

Congratulations! You are finally going for it, you have decided to go back to school.

Going back as a mature adult is a great decision that can bring forth much reward, but there are also some transition hurdles that may arrive. Maybe classrooms have changed, everything from the course work, lectures, and even text books are mostly digital-centered. Check out these tips for non-traditional (22+) students:

Stay motivated, knowing that everyone’s road in education is different. There is no wrong way to gain education and each route allows for a different experience. Don’t feel pressured to fit a mold of an education system. If you have to take classes part-time, do what works best for your lifestyle. Need to take a break for a semester?  Studies show that on average a college degree no longer takes 4 years but 6!

Tap into your years of maturity and life experience. If you opt for on campus classes at a traditional campus, you may find that you are older than many of your classmates. But studies show that non-traditional students are more focused and driven in classrooms. Share your insight with the class and fellow classmates. Time away from school can often give students invaluable perspective and a greater sense of purpose. Many non-traditional students return to school with more defined career goals and a wealth of practical experience.

Strive to remain open-minded. Your years of wisdom are invaluable but you are still there to learn new ideas and information. Allow yourself to be open to a new curriculum and learning technique that you never experienced. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance or help from your professor and fellow classmates.

Build a success circle. Juggling life, school and work can be daunting. Having a support system can help ease the pressure. Study groups are a great way to keep yourself accountable concerning your coursework and allow you to connect with fellow classmates. Inform friends and family that you are going back to school so they can understand the changes in your schedule and availability. They may offer to help you with other obligations and duties.




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