10 Healthy Foods That Fuel Your Brain

March 4, 2016

Growing old doesn’t have to mean losing your mental edge. There are proactive steps you can take to keep your brain young and alert. Try adding some of these healthy brain foods to your daily eating plan.


Blueberries can help decrease the effects of age-related diseases on the brain, as well as improve learning capacity and motor skills. Add 1 cup of blueberries to your diet every day.

Wild Salmon

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that aids in brain function and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Try adding a 4-ounce serving to your diet two to three times per week.


Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats which help decrease blood pressure and help regulate a healthy blood flow. Since avocados are also high in calories, stick to one-third of an avocado per day.


Beans regulate blood sugar, or glucose, which is fuel for your brain. Because the brain can’t store glucose, beans provide it with a steady supply to keep it performing well. We recommend one-half of a cup of any type of bean daily.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E, which may combat cognitive decline. The good news is, an ounce a day of any kind of nut or seed can provide you with this benefit.

Whole Grains

Whole grains have been shown to reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease, which in turn helps keep adequate blood flow to the brain. Two slices of 100% whole grain bread, or one-half of a cup of whole grain cereal is recommended daily.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates are full of antioxidants, which inhibit free radicals that can damage the brain. However, pomegranate juice is high in sugar, so 2 ounces a day can provide you with antioxidants without taking in too much sugar.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate also contains caffeine, which can improve focus and concentration. However, you also have to be careful to monitor your sugar intake, so limit dark chocolate to 1 ounce per day.

Freshly Brewed Tea

Caffeine, found in freshly brewed hot or iced tea, can improve your memory and focus. It also causes a release of endorphins, which can elevate mood. Aim for 2-3 cups per day.


Broccoli and similar leafy green vegetables such as cabbage and Brussel sprouts are chock full of vitamins, fiber and disease-fighting phytochemicals that have been found to help protect against cancer. Try and eat several servings per week.


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