Gender and Dementia

June 26, 2017

Did you know that men show different signs of Dementia than women? Studies show that gender affects the rate and degree people experience symptoms like:

  • Verbal skills:
    Men with dementia retained verbal fluency, the ability to correctly perform naming tasks, and the ability to successfully perform delayed recall of words longer than women with dementia.
  • Subjective memory complaints:
    Studies suggest that women experience memory impairment earlier in the course of their dementia than men.
  • Depressive symptoms:
    Men that experience depressive symptoms have a higher risk of developing dementia than women.
  • Rate of symptom progression:
    A recently published study from Duke University suggests that once the initial symptoms of dementia appear in men and women, they tend to progress at a faster rate in women compared to men. The data showed that the cognitive abilities of the female participants declined twice as fast as their male counterparts.


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